SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the foundation of Digital Marketing. SEO is the practice or process of ranking your website on Google organic results. You can boost your website ranking by making quality content to have best rank in SERP. There are a lot of factors which can improve your website or webpage ranking in directly or indirectly method. To get high ranking in Google search results you have to improve your quality of content. You can increase your website reputation by having backlinks from high authority websites.


  1. ATTRACT MORE TRAFFIC :- The most important benefit of SEO is to bring more traffic on your website. People like to go on the number first result present on organic result. In another words whenever a searcher makes queries on Google. Number one result on organic search results has chances of receiving up to 60% traffic. Second number result will have less traffic than first rank result and so on. We can say higher the rank more chances of receiving traffic on every specific queries made by searcher.
  2. IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE :- Another main advantage of SEO is improving user experience. First see how Google actually works. The central objective of Google is to provide relevant data whenever a searcher makes queries on Google Search Engine. It takes all of responsibility to provide best and relevant data according to user need or closest one.
  3. COST SAVING :- SEO helps in saving cost. You don’t have to pay for your website to get better ranking on organic results like Pay-Per-Click (PPC). SEO is less costly than PPC. All we need to make better and best content than anyone else. Making content in SEO is like investment you just need to make it once. It can provide you benefit for long period.
  4. PROVIDE BENEFIT 24/7 HOURS :– The efforts we made for best ranking in SERP doesn’t go in veins after work hours. It doesn’t disappear once you have made it. That’s how SEO promotes your website 24/7 hours.
  5.  SEO INCREASES CREDIBILITY :– When our website has number one rank on organic results it increase the trust among the user. This ranking is based on so many factors like off-page and on-page. Because there is strong connection between searcher and Google. They think Google will provide best content whenever they made a query on it.


  1. TO GET MORE VISITORS :- Having more traffic on your website is very beneficial to improve authority of your website. Whenever a searcher makes a queries on Google, the hundreds of results will be visible in few seconds. There is a possibility that Searcher will visit only two to three search result presents on organic results. So SEO is important.
  2.  INCREASES WEBSITE AUTHORITY :- The more people visit your website the more chances of increasing of your website status and authority. When we have high traffic on our website the more people can have access of our products and services.


  1. ON-PAGE SEO :- Basically, ON PAGE SEO is a type of SEO which is all related to making your content. All the elements in making content on any specific keyword helps Google crawler to understand your content better.
  2. OFF-PAGE SEO :- OFF PAGE SEO refers to activity you do outside of your website to get better ranking in SERP. OFF PAGE SEO optimization uses link building strategy. A lot of factors are present in OFF PAGE SEO. Some of them are having backlinks from high authority websites. Getting links from those websites helps you to have more visitors on your website. It shows Google that people gives value to your content therefore your site can level up its authority. Social media helps you to get backlinks from the valuable platforms.
  3. TECHNICAL SEO :– All factors which works in background to improve your ranking are in TECHNICAL SEO. Generally, it helps Google crawler to crawl your website easily and help in indexing. Making sitemaps, using schema markup language and making your website mobile friendly are other major factors of TECHNICAL SEO.


  1. FIND SEARCHER INTENT IN QUERY :- Search intent is the purpose of every query by searcher. Getting information about searcher need is top priority of Google.
  2. USE KEYWORDS IN TITLE AND DISCRIPTION :- Title are headlines and first line that appear on the SERP. So title plays critical part in SEO. Title is heading of your content which helps searcher to get to know about your content. On the other hand, META description is a short summary of your content which is present under the title. TITLE and META tag are first thing a searcher notices.
  3. MAKE SEO FRIENDLY URL :- We can use keywords in our URL too but the URL should be short. Using keywords in URL can increase the chances of having high ranking in Google organic results. Long URL can make it complex so keep it small and easy.
  4. BUILD WELL DEFINED STRUCTURE OF YOUR WEBSITE :-  Making internal links within your website can leave good impression onGoogle. When our website is in well structure it makes easy for Google crawler to crawl all of your webpages.
  5. OPTIMIZE YOUR PICTURES :– Using images in your content can increase user experience. Choosing relevant images related to your content can make your blog better than another blogs. Sometimes a webpage couldn’t load properly because of poor internet connection. In this type of case, we can use alt text to give information about image in your blog. It helps browser to understand your images properly.

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