Hoping Minds-Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2022


There’s no doubt that software programming is the best career right now. However, all the programming jobs are not the same. Different companies, types of software require knowing, roles, and understanding different programming languages—and it is beneficial to know multiple languages. Hoping Minds is specifically designed for students who want to transition into computer science from another field of study. In our coding school, we will help you to learn all the popular programming languages.

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Explanation of some popular programming languages:

1. Python

Python is a simple programming language, which is easy to learn due to its simple syntax, a large library of standards and toolkits. Python integration with other popular programming languages such as C and C++. Python is used in a large variety of applications, data science, including artificial intelligence, and financial services. Popular social media platforms such as Instagram are also built on python.

2. JavaScript

Javascript is a very popular & common programming language all over the world. It is basically used for websites. It is a dynamic computer programming language and a text-based programming language, Which allows you to make web pages interactive both on the client-side and server-side.

3. Java

Java is a simple programming language, developed by sun microsystems in the early 1990s. Java is a general-purpose programming language. It is mostly used for the develop desktop and mobile applications, big data processing, embedded systems. It works on a number of different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.

4. C#

C# developed by Microsoft that runs on the .Net Framework, it is an object-oriented programming language. It is a simple, modern programming language, which is used to create a number of different programs and applications: mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud-based services, websites, enterprise software, and games.

5. C

C is a procedural computer programming language carry structured programming, lexical variable scope, and recursion. It is used for creating the system software. It is also used to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers, and so on. It is a simple and excellent programming language to learn to program for beginners.

6. C++

C++ is an extension programming language of the C language, which gives a clear structure to programs and allows code to be reused, lowering development costs. It is commonly used for developing operating systems, browsers, games, and so on. It is a high-level programming language.

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