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SaralRishi is an Ayurveda company located in Shahabad, Haryana that specializes in Ayurvedic herbal treatments for chronic diseases utilizing Ayurveda. We are providing our services for the past 20 years. SaralRishi specializes in using Ayurvedic herbs to treat chronic diseases.
During its entire history, its founders and the company have had one mission: to serve mankind in the best way possible with ayurvedic medicine. We are committed to providing you with products that exceed quality and efficacy standards.

SaralRishi is a one-stop destination for all your requirements regarding Ayurveda products. We specialize in manufacturing Herbal Tablets, Herbal Syrups, Pain Relief Medicines, Herbal Capsules, Anti Diabetic Medicines, Ayurveda Hair Care Products, Herbal Ayurveda Chawanprash, Herbal Powder Churan and many more

Research and development

Manufacturing all ayurvedic products is extremely important to our Research Team. We devise our strategy using data analytics, and we study the needs of each age group.

The management of our company prioritizes the needs of the people and our actions are driven by compassion and care. We also have a team of proactive individuals who are focused on achieving a smooth work balance.
Our main focus and motive

The company has been focused on its task even since the beginning, ensuring an adequate supply of natural products. We have plans to incorporate technology so as to reach a much wider sector, ensuring that each and every sect in India has access to our products.
Our main motivation is to provide our customers with the highest quality Ayurvedic Products. We pay great attention to the manufacture of both ayurvedic and herbal medicines, and our manufacturing practices are overseen by an expert team.

Our Mission

We have developed a systematic approach to reaching a wider customer base by using statistics and data analyses in product development, distribution, and management.

In order to achieve a new level of fulfilment, we aim to make people use more natural health products. Our country has a rich culture of herbal medicine, and we strive to utilize its advantages with our well-balanced, compact, and determined team.

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