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Education is a very important part of life for every individual. It is not as easy to survive without education. India is accompanied by rich culture and methodology in the field of education since ancient times. Gurukul system was the best education system in schools where teachers and students are considered equal. Education is the primary tool that helps in changing one’s life. Young minds or talents are crucial for a country or region in which education plays a vital role.

Right school plays an important role in a bright future for your kids. However, each parent wants his/her child to study in top schools. Schools that are helping in fulfilling students’ ambitions and aspirations are considered the best. There has been development in the education system in India in every state. One of the cities Moga in Punjab has the best schools. This has promoted literacy rates which have contributed to India’s economical development.

The first step in securing a kid’s future for your child is selecting the right school that offers the best education.

Top 5 Schools in Moga

Here is the list of some top schools in Moga that can be the best option for your child.

  • Royal Convent School
  • Sacred Heart School Moga
  • Blooming Buds School
  • Oxford Senior Secondary School
  • Summer Fields School

1. Royal Convent School –

Royal Convent School was established on 21 Jan 1999 under Royal Convent Education Society, Nihal Singh Wala. Late Sr. Darshan Singh Walia was the founder of the Royal convent education society. It is situated on Dhurkot Road, Nihal Singh Wala District Moga Punjab. Royal convent school got affiliated with C.B.S.E in 2003. This school provides the best education till the 12th standard.

Address: Dhurkot Road, Nihal Singh Wala, District Moga Punjab
School Area: 5 acre
Classrooms: 100 well-ventilated classrooms
Contact for more details: rcs25015@aatish-payal

2. Sacred Heart School Moga –

Sacred Heart School was established on 5th April 1971. The motto of the school is – ‘Walk as children of light ’. Late G.A Abraham and Late Vasantha Abraham are founders of this school. The school is located in a lush green area in Moga.

Address: Dosanjh Road Basti Gobind Garh, Moga, Punjab, 142001
School Faculty and Students: 5000 students and 400+ staff
Contact for more details:

3. Blooming Buds School –

Blooming Buds School was established in March 1994. BBS is affiliated with C.B.S.E New Delhi. The school is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Address : NH-71 , Talwandi Bhangerian , Moga Punjab

4. Oxford Senior Secondary School –

Oxford Senior Secondary School was established in 2006 with 150 students in the first batch and today this school is the best in Moga. School is open for each and every caste.
Address: NH -95 GT Road, Friends Colony, Moga, Punjab 142001

5. Summer Fields School –

Summer Field School was established in 2005 and affiliated with C.B.S.E. This school is up to the 12th standard.

Address: Moga Road, Moga Punjab

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