INTRODUCTION :- Firstly Social media marketing is the purpose of social media services and social network to market a company brands and services . Secondly it choose social media platform e.g. facebook, tik tok, intagram for brand marketing. Thirdly target people increase move website rush and grow sales.

Social Media Marketing


It is a word that form the stage of inform of a brand by its name . Therefore this is a step in promote a new products e.g. if you need a shirt that chance are that you will need think shirt .


It’s feedback happen when buyer post comments on twitter, facebook, instagram and a kinds of other social media , blogs and review sites . Also this feedback is easily seen to public or may be limit to the followers of their customers. 


This help you connect to your select people directly. Also you can connect with your viewer get feedback in real time and better your customer experience. Hence consist appoint with your can clear traffic to your social media profile and website.

Improved brand loyality :

You can use social media track to find them and share them , if they are share by doing this , you can not only earn the of those clients but motivate other followers to share content related to your brand.


The most famous social media platforms for marketing are facebook , You tube , Linkedin , Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat.

Facebook :-

Facebook is a social networking site that make it easy for you to join and share with family and friends online .

Moreover design clear for the business worker. Also the aim of the site is to allow registered members to begin and documents network of people they know well .

Linkedlin :-

Instagram :-

Million of regular active users, it is the most platform for audience.

Facebook :-

This is a free social networking website where users create profile , upload videos send message and keep in touch with friends and relatives.

You tube :-

  It is mostly used for watching videos , read comments and replies.

Tik Tok :-

This is sharing ,create and find videos.


  • Choose social media marketing aim set the business idea.
  • Read all about your customer.
  • Know your viewer.
  • Do a social media check.
  • Improves profiles.
  • Find the inspiration.
  • Create the social media calender.


Social media optimization is the use to social media web to manage and grow an group message and online existence . Therefore a online marketing procedure social media optimization can be used to grow awarness of new brands. Also join with audience and reduce likely damaging news.

                      Hence   with smo,you can ensure a strong web attendence establish the online authority of the services. It not only informing people business but also helps in branding improve goods clarity and recall.This give the chance to give out to buyer .

Benefits of social media optimization

  • Development your online appearance .
  • Boost reach on social media.
  • connect and arrest with your viewer on a huge level.
  • Grow brand effect on social media.
  • Improve the condition of leads from social media.

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